Files to install

    Don't bother downloading it to your phone as it doesn't work, because I have to buy a java code signing certificate to make the midlet signed and thus in a trusted domain like google maps. However, it should work on your pc if you have an emulator package like sun wireless toolkit 2.5.2 or netbeans 6 full package. Once downloaded, just click on the .jad file to run the midlet. Must run it in either manufacturer or maximum security domain, and requires cldc 1.1,midp2,sr172(webservices api), and connection to the internet.

  1. MobileApplication1.jad
  2. MobileApplication1.jar

Other midlets for Samsung u600

These should work on the phone

My own test midlet non-working gui form

  1. MobileApplication2.jad
  2. MobileApplication2.jar

TestSamsungOEM from the samsung sdk

  1. TestSamsungOEM.jad
  2. TestSamsungOEM.jar