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  • NewsItemDelay - set this to number of milliseconds to wait before displaying the next news link. 1000 = 1 sec
  • Text - set this to the RSS feed that you wish to display data/info from. Can be either a RSS/Atom compliant feed.
  • Format - set this to RSS if displaying an RSS feed, if an Atom feed then type in Atom.
  • BackColor - allows you the option to change the background colour.
  • UpdateMode - allows you to the option of switching between the default always update and conditional update mode.

Fixed the url to open in a new window, so if you want to use multiple versions of the control under an <iframe> tag, like I do on
  • Make sure that App_Web_rssnewswuctlnoupdt.ascx.cdcab7d2.dll is placed in a bin folder in the website/web application that is going to use this control. Also as this is an ajax control it will require a scriptmanager to run under.

The control can be found in the share price requiring registration downloads section.

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